Norwegian Elitehockey implemented real-time data league-wide – Wisehockey enriches the sports experience with digitalization

The Norwegian premier ice hockey league Norwegian Elitehockey has implemented the Wisehockey sports analytics platform league-wide. Fully automated real-time sports analytics serve not only coaching and player development but also a completely new sports experience. Real-time data makes arenas more attractive for audiences. In addition, Wisehockey’s real-time API enables new services from TV to mobile apps.

Data produced by Wisehockey is taken not only to arenas but also TV broadcasts, betting and mobile services. Now it is possible to introduce features such as visual comparison between teams and players to the bigger audience, or offer profound analysis to professionals and ice hockey analysts.

The unique, fully automated real-time API has enabled a new kind of dialogue with fans. You can share tonight’s events immediately, not on the next day. You can use all modern digital methods, which will also be the key to reaching out especially to young digital natives. Service ecosystem partners are crucial on a larger scale. For example, the advanced platform of The Fan Group in Norway provides an interactive medium to serve the fanbase,” said Head of Sales at Wisehockey Ltd Miska Kuusisto.

Jumbotron screen in the dimly lit Storhamar arena is showing five fastest players
Game organizers can bring real-time data on-screen

Technology introduces new tools to coaching

The fully automated real-time analytics platform allows tracking game details that have been difficult or impossible to gather and analyze before. Data is also processed automatically into a visual, easy-to-understand format, including automated video clipping of all game events. This gives new tools to coaching and player development for a deeper understanding of their play.

For example, the expected goals (xG) statistic consists of automated analysis of dozens of quantities in real time. Modeling is based on tens of thousands of shots and millions of game events.

Image consists of a regular shotmap and a shotmap with xG visualizations in comparison with each other
Color intensity and marker size indicate a shot’s xG value in shotmap’s xG visualization

Taking Wisehockey to the Norwegian league demonstrates that the fine-tuned platform adapts to new environments easily. With this development, the international ice hockey audience receives new services. Smart puck technology reinforces the position of Norwegian ice hockey both professionally and when competing for audience’s time between other sports and leisure activities,” said CEO at Wisehockey Ltd Tomi Mikkonen.

With the Norwegian Elitehockey, the Wisehockey platform covers three whole professional leagues. The system has been used already in the international KHL and the Finnish Hockey League. In addition, Wisehockey is used at arenas such as the Vierumäki Olympic Training Center, the home of Finland’s national ice hockey teams.

Wisehockey Ltd provides automated real-time analytics also for other sports. The Wisesport football analytics platform has been used for over a year at venues such as Eerikkilä Training Center of the Football Association of Finland.

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DEL implements Wisehockey’s fully automated real-time sports analytics platform league-wide to enable new digital service opportunities for the league’s partner network.