Wisesport brings automated real-time analytics to matches and training

Originally published on Oct 8, 2020

The Football Association of Finland implements the new Wisesport sports analytics platform. Wisesport makes it possible to produce sports statistics in real time during both matches and training.

Wisesport’s fully automated real-time sports analytics platform produces data that has not been available before. Digitalisation enables producing football statistics in real time during both matches and training. This will take player development and game analysis of Finnish football to a new level.

The Wisesport system utilizes Quuppa’s technology for real-time tracking of the ball and players. The ball and players are equipped with small positioning tags. Locators around the football field track the coordinates of the tags.

We can use Wisesport’s real-time data for a full analysis of players’ and teams’ tactical, technical, and physical performance aspects. These aspects are crucial in coordinating our national football team as well as the overall player development in Finland,” says Ville-Pekka Inkilä, Head of Research and Development in the Football Association of Finland.

Wisesport webportal mobile app on a smartphone's screen
Wisesport provides a mobile version of the statistics, e.g. a passmap with details of passes

Advanced digital services for sports

On a wider scale, the Wisesport platform enables various advanced digital services. For example, mobile apps, TV broadcasts, and sports betting companies can benefit from the new data.

Before football, ice hockey has already taken a step toward new digital services. The Wisehockey system has been used in ice hockey for a few years. The system has under its belt more than 1500 games a year in dozens of arenas including all Finnish Hockey League’s and the KHL’s games. Since groundwork has been done thoroughly in ice hockey, Wisesport could start adapting the analytics system for the new sport’s needs without delay.

The analytics and automated system control in ice hockey have proved to be extremely reliable and robust. From the start, we could turn our attention to the special aspects of football. Collaboration with the Football Association of Finland and the Eerikkilä Training Centre brings world-class football expertise into our product development. We can concentrate on the essential and together build a sustainable basis for analytics,” Wisehockey’s Head of Sales Miska Kuusisto adds.

The Wisesport platform has now been installed to the Eerikkilä Training Centre, the main training centre of the Football Association of Finland, and its development continues. The latest expertise of the Football Association and the Eerikkilä Training Centre will play a role in the development process.

More detailed player data than ever before

Wisesport’s features include a player’s timeline with a wide range of accurate player statistics. Coaches and players benefit from fully automated real-time match video clipping that allows viewing the most important game events with one click.

It is now possible to track a player’s physical performance, ball control, and passes on a more detailed level than ever before. Teams get a better and fuller picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

Capture from Wisesport webportal with Wiseplayer and a player's timeline
Player’s timeline and automatic video clipping in Wisesport webportal

The image above shows a player’s timeline in Wisesport webportal. The unique timeline shows the following player statistics:

  •  Player’s top speed and average speed
  • The distance travelled by the player on the field
  • “Time spent in a speed zone”: How long in total the player run at different speeds
  • The number of ball contest wins and win percentage
  • The number of passes and pass successfulness percentage
  • The number of shots blocked by the player
  • Speed changes: Player’s accelerations and decelerations
  • The total time the player controlled the ball
  • The average speed of the player while controlling the ball
  • The total distance the player travelled while controlling the ball
  • The total distance the ball travelled being passed by the player
  • The distance the ball travelled toward the opponent’s goal being passed by the player
Caption from Wisesport's Wiseplayer 2D video clipping tool
Caption from Wiseplayer 2D video clipping tool

More information

Miska Kuusisto, Head of Sales, +358 50 480 3658, miska.kuusisto@wisehockey.com

Mika Hulkki, Head of Product Management, +358 50 086 6267, mika.hulkki@wisehockey.com

Wisesport in short

The Wisesport system is a fully automated real-time sports analytics platform that gathers and analyses game data and presents it to users in a graphic and easy-to-use format. Wisesport is a trademark of the company Wisehockey Ltd.

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