Wisehockey’s partner leagues broke records in the 2023–2024 season

As the season finals of our partner leagues are coming to a close, there is great anticipation in the air. One league already finished the final games. To celebrate the successful 2023–2024 hockey season, we compiled the most interesting statistics and other facts from the past season.

Penny DEL breaking records

This season, Penny DEL attracted a record-breaking number of spectators.

  • Kölner Haie (Cologne) home games attracted an average of 16,993 spectators during the regular season. This not only shattered the club’s record, club also marked the highest attendance since 2017 for European hockey.
  • Other clubs also performed admirably in the regular season. The average number of spectators in DEL reached 7,162, setting an all-time record for a European league.
  • In addition, DEL’s television partner MagentaSport achieved a new viewer record. The reach of the regular season’s live broadcasts increased by 20%.

The interest in German ice hockey is experiencing tremendous growth. Fans engage with their favorite teams and players through various channels, including digital. The Wisehockey platform has become an essential tool in the DEL clubs’ everyday operations.

New records for Liiga and its finalist

Finland’s national hockey league, Liiga, also shattered records during this season.

  • Liiga broke a spectator record for the first time in a decade. Attendance during the regular season grew by 5.4% from the previous season. Each match boasted an average of 4,568 spectators.
  • The total number of spectators surpassed two million, which was last achieved in the 2013–2014 season.
  • One of Liiga’s finalists, Tappara, attracted the highest number of spectators to its home games. The average of 8,494 attendees broke the club’s all-time record. Tappara has reached the finals for the third consecutive year.

Liiga was an early adopter of Wisehockey’s fully automated real-time sports analytics platform. They integrated the analytics system into their league-wide operations as early as 2019.

Increase in spectators in EliteHockey Ligaen

The Norwegian EliteHockey Ligaen (EHL) experienced an exhilarating season as well, having already come to a close with the triumph of Storhamar over Vålerenga in the finals.

  • By the turn of the new year, EHL witnessed a 20% increase in spectators compared to the situation one year earlier. The average number of spectators per match grew to 2,058.
  • A new single-game spectator record was set in Lillehammer during the Hockey Classic with 10,348 attendees.

Interest in televised broadcasts of EHL games has also been growing. Wisehockey provides live data and statistics for the EHL match broadcasts as well as for DEL and Liiga.

We want to congratulate our partner leagues for their successful 2023-2024 season. Stay tuned for more excitement in the upcoming season!


The fully automated analytics platform empowers coaches and players with real-time insights and data-driven strategies.
Wisesport’s Miska Kuusisto joined Gernot Tripcke from PENNY DEL to discuss the future of sports digitalization, automated analytics, and data-driven insights.