Wisesport’s real-time football analytics were used in the Finnish Premier League’s season ending

Originally published on Dec 4, 2020

The Wisesport football analytics system provided automated real-time statistics for professional teams in Veikkausliiga’s (Finnish Premier League) last match of the 2020 season. With the latest technologies, football clubs and service providers can use tools that were not available before, including real-time video clipping, advanced pass and ball control statistics, and dozens of other analytics features.

Wisesport’s real-time statistics can be used for many different purposes, including coaching, fan entertainment and sports broadcasts.

We have already seen our automated real-time data in TV, mobile apps and live betting. Besides, sports events can introduce visualized data to big audiences on jumbotron and LED screens and with new digital solutions,” explains Wisehockey’s Head of Sales Miska Kuusisto.

Advanced analytics is just one unique aspect of the platform. We offer a fully automated real-time solution that requires no personnel to run the system at an event. In addition to new kinds of services, this enables utilizing our analytics for player development on all levels,” Kuusisto adds.

The Wisehockey system is used in thousands of ice hockey games a year including all the KHL’s and Finnish Hockey League’s games. Now similar advanced technology is also available in football.

Wisesport’s player and ball tracking utilizes the accurate positioning technology of Quuppa. The ball and players are equipped with tags that allow positioning with ten-centimeter accuracy. Real-time data goes into a cloud where the data is automatically visualized for further use.

Veikkausliiga is the premier division of Finnish football, consisting of 12 clubs. Veikkausliiga clubs HJK and FC Inter played the 2020 season’s last match on 4 November in Bolt Arena, Helsinki using the Wisesport football analytics platform for the first time in a Veikkausliiga match.

The match settled the 30th Veikkausliiga championship for HJK, the most successful football club in Finland. HJK will now have a new chance to enter the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. FC Inter enters trials of the UEFA Europa League.

Wisesport’s superior set of statistics consists of player statistics including ball control analysis, special goalkeeper statistics, shotmaps, passmaps and an advanced player’s timeline.

One of the features is Wiseplayer that automatically clips videos of match events such as goals, shots and corner kicks. You can turn on players’ name tags and show players’ paths in the video stream in real time and save match events to favorites.

Wiseplayer follows players’ paths in real time
2D Wiseplayer
Wiseplayer provides automated match animations

Wisesport is a tremendously interesting product, and we had a taste of it in the match against FC Inter. Technology-provided real-time data allows us to track the movements of the ball-controlling player during the game. However, the players’ and ball’s positioning data is the most useful. With the developing analytics, we can better identify the areas that we can utilize in certain game moments. With advanced visualization we can provide players with the most relevant information,” says HJK Veikkausliiga team’s analytics coach Mikko Lignell.

HJK and Veikkausliiga wrote about the event on their own websites.

Get to know the Wisesport platform: read about our advanced real-time football analytics and new forms of fan entertainment or watch an introductory video.

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