We brought a new layer to hockey

The Wisehockey platform is used in thousands of hockey games a year in big professional leagues, which makes us the world’s leading provider of fully automated real-time ice hockey analytics.

The idea behind Wisehockey is simple: to provide an accurate, real-time sport analytics platform that requires no manual effort. Teams and coaches receive visualized statistics including attacks and shots, shift charts and xG in real time. Partners can also use data for entertainment and fan engagement via APIs.

The platform is being used every day in four national and international hockey leagues, in over 60 arenas and five countries. Additionally, we have provided tracking for many tournaments across the world.




Use the reliable and robust analytics platform

Since 2018, the Wisehockey platform has provided reliable real-time data with ready-made visualizations for the Finnish Ice Hockey League Liiga. The league and its clubs have used the statistics not only for coaching and player development, but also for entertainment on websites and mobile apps and in arenas.

Now several other leagues and organizations are also using Wisehockey every day.

“Especially in digitalization, we are setting new standards via cooperation with Wisehockey.”
Gernot Tripcke, Managing Director of PENNY DEL

“During the games fans will see new data via the jumbotron, app and website. [Wisehockey platform] will also be used by the coaching staff that can access in-depth analysis in real time, without waiting to gather and collect information.”
Njål Berge, Chairman of the Norwegian Elitehockey

”Analytics and data provided by the [Wisehockey] system will play an important role in the future when we plan the new direction of sport and player development and improve sport-specific analysis.”
Jere Lahti, Director of Competence Development and CDO at the Finnish Ice Hockey Association

How does the Wisehockey platform fit into the game day routine of arenas and teams? Watch this video to find out:

Provide entertainment and services with Wisehockey data

Wisehockey introduces unlimited possibilities for entertainment and betting service providers. Our light and easy-to-scale system has flexible APIs for 3rd party services. We provide data for the entire service ecosystem around the sport.

The Wisehockey platform is not only capable of tracking a sport as extremely fast-spaced as ice hockey. We have adapted the analytics platform to other sports, too. For instance, the Wisesport football analytics platform has been in use since 2020.

Engage fans by adding real-time statistics to mobile apps and websites