Revolutionary digital services from coaching to betting – 8 highlights of Wisesport’s year

How did fully automated real-time analytics revolutionize sports coaching, events and services in 2021?

2021 has been another year of scaling up Wisehockey and Wisesport in significant ways. Even though Covid-19 brought some moving parts to the puzzle, digitalization in sports is faster than ever. We introduced not only new leagues but also a wide range of new E2E services and sports beyond hockey to our partner network.

Here are eight highlights of our year:

1. Wisehockey’s long-term partner leagues the Finnish Hockey League and the KHL, with their teams and service partners, were using data this year more than ever. In 2021 we introduced many new features to accelerate team and player development, not to mention fan engagement, to the next level.

2. Wisehockey partnered a new full league with a long-term contract. The Norwegian Fjordkraft Ligaen implemented our real-time analytics platform at the start of the 21–22 season.

3. To strengthen the core sports knowledge that is the basis of all sports analytics and services, we announced long-term partnerships with the Finnish football and ice hockey associations. With our set of modern analytics technologies, this provides completely new tools for team and player development. Digitalization enables an objective real-time feedback loop during training events and games.

4. The Wisesport analytics platform was used in multiple sports during this year. The first smart balls for football, basketball and baseball were already in intensive use. The most visible activity was the championship series of the Finnish Premier Football League.

5. Often December is mostly about wrapping up the year’s activities, but Wisesport’s action was just speeding up when the end of the year was approaching. On December 3, the world’s leading multipurpose arena venue opened with very special Wisehockey features.

6. On the same day, the KHL visited Dubai with the World Games. Naturally, Wisehockey was there.

7. And if there were not enough special events at the same time, the World Floorball Championships started on the very same day. The Finnish national team used Wiseport tracking during the event.

8. The latest addition in December 2021 was news about our long-term collaboration with the Finnish Ice Hockey Association and an announcement of the Finnish U20 league implementing the Wisehockey platform.

The Finnish U20 league implemented Wisehockey’s real-time analytics platform

Wisehockey and Wisesport thank all our 2021 partners: leagues, associations, teams, media, betting and everybody else. We wish everybody a successful year 2022!


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